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EMT-P Intro Pharmacology Part 1

bulletThese are only a few of the drugs you will be learning.
bulletIn class the lead instructor will adjust doses and use as the course is conducted.
bulletAdditional drugs will be introduced with their specific lecture.  For example; head injuries will introduce mannitol.
bulletThis introduction video is only a starting point.  We will learn more about these drugs and in class.


bulletThe following explains the links in the right margin:

"Drug List" This is the list of drugs to be learned.  Also provided on this page is an example of making drug cards for learning.


"Drug Outline Study Format" This form provides another learning option.  An example is provided along with a blank format form.


"Online Drug Study Guide Assignment" This online assignment is a helpful tool to create your drug cards and/or drug outline template.


OK gang, here it is – the drug list you have been waiting for. Yes there are a lot of drugs and some others may be added later. Don’t freak out – yet. The ones with the asterisk are the ones which you absolutely need to know inside out and backwards. You need to know indications, contraindications, side-effects, adult doses, and routes of administration to all the drugs. The ones with the asterisk are the ones more commonly used in the prehospital setting and you must know these cold.

Learning drugs is a difficult process and it takes time, patience, and repetition. Making out drug cards is very helpful. Also, a small dry erase board will be a great tool for you throughout the course. Please use the low-odor markers or your entire family will get high every time you study.

One way to get started and help you make sense of all this is to place each drug in a category according to its action or indication. Arrange the drugs according to:

Drugs for respiratory distress

Drugs that speed up the heart

Drugs that slow down the heart

Drugs that raise blood pressure

Drugs that lower blood pressure

Drugs that sedate

Drugs that paralyze

Drugs with miscellaneous actions

We will do our best to clarify what is important during class so just be patient.

Good Luck.

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